Why Octro Poker?

Personalised 3D Avatars


Choose your avatars and customise the look. There are options in clothing, hairstyle and accessories that can give them a unique look.

Innovative Game Variants


Don’t restrict yourself to limited options, instead explore game variants like Blind Poker, 5 Card Poker and many more.

Detailed Player Stats


Know your opponent better with our comprehensive stats on their win percentage, raise frequency, fold frequency, stage wise fold breakup and more.



Create your club and invite your friends to your poker game online, or join their club and beat them on their turf!

Exciting Tournaments


You name it and we have it! Explore our various multi-table tournaments on a regular basis to show your poker skills anytime, anywhere.

Win Huge Rewards


Feel the thrill of pocketing heaps of exciting rewards during your poker journey on the platform. Go for it! Win them all!


Texas Hold'em

The most popular variant of poker! Play against other players and use your skills to make the best hand possible with the two hole cards and five community cards.


End your quest for the ultimate jackpot here. Unique themes, massive rewards and much more… It’s time to get lucky because hitting the jackpot has never been so easy


Create your own private clubs - invite friends and play exclusive games and tournaments, earn special rewards and bonuses.

5 Card Draw

Play the classic poker game of five-card draw, where you are dealt five cards and can exchange some or all of them in an attempt to make the best hand possible.

Sit and GO

Each player will start with the same amount of chips and the blind amount will increase incrementally. Once you bust, you cannot re-buy your way in to the tournament. The higher the buy-in, the bigger the prize. Last man standing takes it all!

Blind Poker

It’s all about choosing the hand or hands a player think will win. The player can bet all his chips and once that’s done just tap show to reveal the winner.

How to play

All the information you need
to play poker online on Octro Poker


About Us

Welcome to Octro Poker! There's no better place to learn and play poker online. Here we are committed to satiate your hunger for your favourite card game. What you will get here is unlike any other poker platform with non-stop action, regular customer support, smooth gameplay and yes, big rewards, which are the perfect icing on the cake!

About Us


Soror Kachui

I have been playing Octro Poker for the past few months and I am very happy to have joined the platform. It’s a great poker app which has amazing gameplay with exciting game modes and tournaments. Here you play with some of the best poker players and win great in-game prizes by displaying your poker skills.
- Soror Kachui

Joe Martin

Playing poker online wasn’t so much fun until I tried playing the game on the Octro Poker app. The app gives a real casino like feel with their 3D graphics. It has a great user interface. The game has no lags and runs smoothly. I recommend this app to every poker player. For me this app scores 10 out of 10.
- Joe Martin


I am one of the many players passionate about Texas Hold’em poker. I have played poker on many different platforms in the past and let me assure you that there isn’t a better poker platform to play Texas Hold’em poker than Octro Poker. I find it really reliable. The app’s fast software meets the need of all poker players. It’s a 100% safe and secure platform with prompt support when needed.
- Aariana


I am a late entrant into the world of online poker and Octro Poker is what made me fall in love with this game. I have now been playing this game for over a year and I'm impressed with its smooth gameplay, 3D graphics and avatars. It's my go-to app as far as poker is concerned. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out on a great poker playing experience.
- George.M